How It Works

The Spanish El Gordo lotteries are completely different to any other traditional lottery formats anywhere in the world. The lottery works on a sweepstake format whereby a limited number of blocks called “billete” are allocated for sale. Each block has a five digit number.

Each block is then divided into ten tickets or “decimos”. The numbers are selected at random and anyone holding a ticket from the matching block of five digit numbers wins a share of the huge Jackpot.

Each player with a winning “decimo” receives one tenth of the allocated jackpot amount. To own a complete block for the raffle a player must purchase ten tickets or “decimos”.

It is estimated that 98% of adult Spaniards play the Christmas El Gordo or "El Gordo Navidad", often in groups of ten or larger syndicates buying whole blocks or a range of tickets or “decimos” from different blocks.

Each year the Christmas El Gordo creates 360 millionaires and there is an amazing 15,000 winning number selections providing unbelievable odds of up to 1 in 3 ticket holders winning a cash prize!

"There are subsequent massive jackpot draws on January 6th (El Nino) which is the Spanish celebration of the baby Jesus, the Summer El Gordo which is held on the first Saturday of July, not to mention the monthly "Special" draws with jackpots upward of 84 million euro!

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